Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nun Attack - Goods And Bads

Frima Studio’s Nun Attack is a RTS combat game where you lead a squad of nuns to defeat the Fallen Nun.

Mortana the Fallen Nun - good nun turned bad

Good Stuff: 9.5/10

You play as 4 nuns, each using unique guns and skills.

Begin with Eva (Leader) and unlock the rest

Tap nun then bottom-right icon to use skill

All nuns have levels where they gain points per level-up and become stronger.

Fill the bar with experience and level-up to become more powerful

There are:
  • upgradeable guns
  • squad formation and
  • Miracles

Upgrade guns with gold. Squad size increases as the game progresses

Miracles are consumables that can be used anytime.

Tap bottom-left icon, game pauses and draw the symbol to use Miracles

The levels have 2 areas. For more description, go to Google Play.

In the Overview area, you move by tapping and dragging the squad.

Overview area, touch portals/banners to go to Combat area

In the Combat area, you control the nuns individually and kill the enemies.

Connect nun to enemy to attack

Obtain gold by killing enemies

The goal is to destroy portals/banners and find chests while protecting the squad from projectiles.

Chests hold Miracles, guns and gold

Tap/Swipe projectiles to defend squad

At the end of each world, challenging boss fights are available.

Use whatever means necessary to defeat bosses

Bad Stuff: 1.0/10

The targeting mechanic in the Combat area sometimes makes the nun run into the enemy instead of attacking, resulting in unnecessary losses.
“…controls don't always work as precisely as you might like.…”
Cons of Nun Attack Review by Gamezebo

Rating: 8.5/10

It is fun but gets boring because the early introduction of all the nuns made it lose excitement.
“…The novelty doesn't last long, and the game starts to drag.”
Cons of Nun Attack Review by Gamezebo
“…game is fun and addictive although repetitive for long periods of time.” Nun Attack Review by App’d Up

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Legends of Loot - Goods And Bads

Majesco’s Legends of Loot is a dungeon-crawler RPG which you explore dungeons while:
  • collecting loot
  • dodging traps and
  • defeating monsters

Crushing Sands is the first accessible area

Select dungeon in the middle area

Select level in the dungeon

Crystals are the premium currency

Complete chosen wagers for rewards

Outfit hero with gears and equipment

You can wage gold on challenges but I suggest trying the dungeons first before placing bets to better understand its layout.

Good Stuff: 9.5/10

In the dungeons, you move the hero by tap-holding the position and collect loot by walking into them. The objective is to reach the exit by solving puzzles and surviving traps and monster attacks.

Change between navigation modes

Collect all keys, chests, coins and barrels

Tap lever to open rooms and gates

Avoid them at all cost

When you and a monster have contact, turn-based combat starts which involves slicing and poking dots. Each monster can only be killed by specific attack types.

"Great turn-based battling that involves real action, rather than just hitting an "Attack" button."
"'ll need some quick reaction times to beat some of the tougher enemies."
Pros and Cons respectively from Gamezebo

Fight with the monster's weakness

Avoid the red dots, heal when injured.

Bad Stuff: 2.0/10

The lagging makes the game frustrating when doing ‘no damage’ challenges because you are unable to block the monster’s attacks.

The lag makes easy opponents difficult to beat

Rating: 7.5/10

Putting lag aside, the game allows retrying of levels to complete item sets and challenges. It also provides variety for players with:
  • puzzles
  • exploration and
  • turn-based combat

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Friday, 16 November 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars - Goods And Bads

The latest addition to Rovio’s Angry Birds franchise is a mash-up of previous Angry Birds games with a Star Wars theme where the birds and pigs are the movie characters.

Good Stuff: 9.5/10

The cut-scenes between levels show the Star Wars story which prevents players feeling helplessly thrown into the game.

A cut-scene earlier in the game

Another cut-scene later in the game

A ground-based level on Planet Tatooine

Another level in space

The game has new movie-themed powers which perform differently. Some powers unlock only at later levels such as the Red ‘Luke’ Bird’s Lightsaber.

The levels offer more challenge with some having laser turrets and blaster-wielding pigs.

A Death Star level with a laser turret

Pigs blasting lasers in a space level

The same challenge of beating personal high scores and aiming for 3-Star rankings for all levels stays fun and engaging.

A set number of stars obtained unlock bonuses and rewards.

One of the bonus levels unlocked

Millennium Falcon rewarded

Bad Stuff: 0.5/10

The need of zooming out to view the whole level prevents players from watching pigs destroyed up-close.

Sacrifice up-close pig destruction for the game art

Rating: 9.0/10

The mix of Angry Birds and Star Wars makes the old game formula feel fresh and gives a different gameplay experience than its predecessors.

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